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Castle Howard Christmas 2019

Posted by SequinsUSA on Nov 23rd 2019

Gorgeous aqua lazersheen sequins to create a fabulous shimmering canal. Stunning hologram reflective sequins in metallic and jewel tones ado

NASA, sequins, a scientist and TEDX

Posted by SequinsUSA on Nov 7th 2019

Well, yes! Sequins are for day wear, conferences, office, lectures.... and even parties!!!!Read the awesome article here...https://www.buzzf

Frozen Elsa on Broadway

Posted by SequinsUSA on Sep 23rd 2019

Sequins on Broadway. Love to see Elsa sequinned in Aqua Lazersheen paillettes. The perfect sequins for your Elsa dress. Follow the link belo

Met Gala 2019 Sequins

Posted by SequinsUSA on May 24th 2019

Sequins to silks, feathers to furry, ruffles to rhinestones. It was all at the Met Gala 2019 but of course the SequinsUSA sequins were our f

Aquaman, Mera, Amber Heard and Sequins!

Posted by SequinsUSA on Dec 30th 2018

Aquaman, Mera, Amber Heard and Sequins! If you need to create your own Mera suit, we have the sequins! This gorgeous outfit can be made