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Silver sequins are available in over 40 different finishes and shades. This section also includes sequins that fall into the silver family for example steel and silver prints.

      Aluminum True Metal
      Black Frogs on Silver Metallic Print
      Black Silver Animal Paw Metallic Print
      Black Silver Binary Tech Code Metallic Print
      Black Silver Circuit Board Tech Metallic Print
      Black Silver Fish Scale Skin Effect Metallic Print
      Black Silver Grid Check Squares Metallic Print
      Black Silver Houndstooth Metallic Print
      Black Spiders on Silver Metallic Print
      Chrome Silver Matte Silk Frost
      Deep Silver Pink Hue Shiny Metallic
      Mehndi Black Silver Metallic Print
      Silver Animal Spots on Crystal Transparent See-Thru Print
      Silver Animal Spots on White Opaque Print
      Silver Animal Spots Transparent Hologram Glitter Sparkle
      Silver Black Tiger Metallic
      Silver City Lights Metallic Reflective
      Silver City Lights Refective Metallic
      Silver Gray Opaque Vinyl
      Silver Hologram Glitter Multi Reflective Metallic
      Silver Hologram Glitter Sparkle Metallic
      Silver Lazer Light Show Shiny Metallic
      Silver Lazersheen Rainbow Reflective Metallic
      Silver Matte Satin Metallic
      Silver Matte Satin Shimmer
      Silver Matte Silk Frost
      Silver Metallic Embossed Texture
      Silver Metallic Iris Rainbow
      Silver Metallic Lizard Snakeskin Texture Opaque Effect
      Silver Northern Lights Multi Reflective
      Silver on Silver Tiger Stripe Hologram Glitter Sparkle Metallic
      Silver Prism Multi Reflective Metallic
      Silver Semi Matte Translucent
      Silver Shiny Metallic
      Silver Silky Fiber Strand Fabric
      Silver Sparkle Glitter Texture
      Silver Star Dust Reflective Metallic
      Silver Tiger Stripe Transparent Hologram Glitter Sparkle
      Silver Tiger Stripes on Crystal Transparent See-Thru Print
      Silver Tiger Stripes on White Opaque Print
      Steampunk Clockworks Black on Silver Metallic Print
      Steel Silver Gray Shiny Metallic
      Sweet Hearts Red Silver Metallic Print
      USA Red Blue Text Silver Metallic Print

To see a picture of all the sequin films available click below.