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White sequins are available in over 50 different finishes and shades. This section also includes sequins that fall into the white family for example cream and ivory.

      Cream Vanilla Opaque Satin Pearl
      Cream White Eggshell Effect Opaque
      Crystal White 3D Dimensional Reflector
      Crystal White Bubble Illusion
      Crystal White Hologram Glitter Sparkle
      Crystal White Mirage
      Crystal White Raw Silk Illusion
      Crystal White Sparkle Glitter Texture
      Crystal White Venetian Illusion
      Green Clover Shamrock White Opaque Print
      Ivory Cream Opaque
      Ivory Cream Transparent Satin Matte Duo Reversible
      Milky White Transparent Glossy Matte Duo Reversible
      Mother of Pearl Rainbow Iris Shiny Opaque
      Mozart Score Black White Opaque Print
      Off White Phosphorescent Nightglow Glow in Dark
      Oyster White Transparent Glossy Matte Duo Reversible
      Pearly White Opaque
      Phosphorescent Nightglow Glow In The Dark Matte Semi Opaque
      Red Ladybugs Ladybirds on White Opaque Print
      Red Lips Kiss Lipstick White Opaque Print
      Red Polka Dot on White Opaque Print
      Snow White Velvet Velour Flocked Fuzzy
      Steampunk Clockworks Black on White Opaque Print
      Tiger by Marz Black and White Art Opaque Print
      Union Jack British English Flag Great Britain Opaque Print
      USA Red Blue Text White Opaque Print
      Vanilla Cream Opaque Glossy High Shine
      Vanilla Cream Rainbow Iris Shiny Opaque
      White Black Fleck Opaque
      White Crystal Hologram Glitter Sparkle Opaque
      White Hologram Glitter Sparkle Opaque
      White Houndstooth Print Opaque
      White Iridescent Polished Pearl Shell Opaque Print
      White Light Wash Rainbow Iris Shiny Opaque
      White Matte Silk Frost
      White Multi Spring Flowers Petite Fleur Floral Print Opaque
      White Opaque
      White Opaque Embossed Texture
      White Opaque Glossy High Shine
      White Opaque Luster Shine
      White Oyster Semi Opaque Translucent
      White Pearl Aurora Rainbow Shiny Iridescent
      White Pearl Translucent
      White Porcelain Semi Opaque Translucent
      White Rainbow Iris Embossed Swirl Texture
      White Rainbow Iris Shiny Opaque
      White Satin Soft Frost
      White Semi Opaque Lizard Snakeskin Texture Opaque Effect
      White Sky Blue Hue Opaque Rainbow Shiny Duo
      White Striated Rainbow Iris Duo Reversible
      White Translucent Glossy
      White Vanilla Silky Fiber Strand Fabric
      White Velvet Velour Flocked Fuzzy

To see a picture of all the sequin films available click below.