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What is a cup sequin?
A cup sequin, or cupped sequin, has a flat center and facets around the edge to form a cup. The facets increase the reflective effect of the sequin. Cup sequins are most often used with the cupped side up to create the maximum sparkle. On some sequin materials when the sequin is pressed into a cup, white lines or veins may appear on the underside of the sequin. This is an unavoidable in production. On low quality sequins the cupping will often cause the finish to flake and peel, rather than produce a vein. 

 What is a flat sequin?
A flat sequin is exactly that! A flat sequin with no facets, cupping or embossing of any kind.

What is a paillette sequin?
Traditionally, a paillette is the name given to a large flat sequin (20mm / 3/4" or larger) with a top hole. It is now a term often used interchangeably with sequin.

How are sequins packaged?
Our sequins are all packaged in the USA in a high quality, re-usable zip seal bag.

How many sequins are in a pack? We have over 10,000 different sequins and the quantity per pack varies depending on size, shape, color and material. Every sequin has a detail page showing the sequin quantity per pack and other sequin specifications.

What are large hole sequins?
Large hole sequins have a 6mm hole and are perfect for sequin knitting and sequin crochet. They can also be used for garments and art projects.

What size sequins do I need?
Our sequins range in size from 3mm (1/8") to 150mm (6"). If you are embellishing a garment or accessory, the smaller the sequin, the more detail you will be able to achieve in a small area. Larger sequins will cover big areas more quickly and easily. Special effects like hologram, lazersheen and prism will be more subtle on smaller sequins and very dramatic on large sequins.

What size sequins do I use for knitting and crochet?
Large hole sequins are ideal for knitting and crochet. They can easily be strung onto the yarn before starting and slid up the yarn as you want to add it to a stich. The holes are 6mm. If you are hand sewing sequins onto knitwear you have unlimited choices. Small sequins (3mm-5mm) will result in a delicate effect, larger sequins will result in a bolder, more dramatic look.

What size sequins do I use for embroidery?
Smaller sequins (less than 8mm) can be stitched individually for a scattered sequin effect, or in a cluster or string of multiples for a textured, dimensional effect. Center hole sequins are available in sizes from 3mm-20mm and can be layered for multicolor or multi tone effects.

What size sequins do I use  for a sequin wall?
Top hole sequins in 20mm, 30mm, 1.5” round and 40mm are ideal for sequin walls, backdrops and boards. Larger sequins are quicker to use as they give more coverage per sequin.

What size sequins do I use  for wedding dresses?
4mm and 5mm flat and cup sequins are beautiful bridal sequins. The smaller size gives a delicate effect. Available with shiny, luster and rainbow finishes in whites and clear crystal.

What size sequins do I use for scrapbooking and cards?
For shaker style cards and scrapbook accents, smaller sequins 3mm-6mm are ideal. For securing to pages and cards for a bolder effect, larger sequins and the large sequin and paillette shapes are fabulous.

What is the difference between confetti and sequins?
Sequins are made with at least one hole for stitching, hanging or securing. The exception being our extra large no hole sequins (40mm and larger). Confetti is usually smaller and does not have holes. It is ideal for sprinkling, gluing and surface decoration.

What thread do I use for sewing on sequins?
The thread should be appropriate for the fabric you are using with the sequins but fine enough to go through a needle than can pass through the hole in the sequin.

What size sequins do I use for sewing on sequins?
If you are using a bead to anchor the sequin onto fabric it should be small enough to allow the sequin to show but large enough to not slip through the hole. Seed beads 1.5-3mm are ideal depending on the size of sequin you are using. Clear beads will allow the sequin color to show through. Colored beads will complement or highlight the bead and can be the same shade or contrasting to the sequin color.

Do you sell sequin holes?

We also have a fabulous mix of 6mm sequins without holes.

Can I follow you on social media?
Absolutely! We love to have people follow us on social media. We are on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. There are links at the bottom the page.

What are sequin sizes?
We have a whole page dedicated to sequin size information:

How many sequins per inch?
Below the size chart on the sequin size page we have a size list for sequins per inch:

What size sequins do I use?
We have a sequin sizer card that we are happy to mail to you. Just send us your name and address by text: 802-855-3002, email: or live chat on our website.

I am missing some sequins on a garment, can I get replacements?
This can be difficult as we have so many colors and shades and often sequins on a garment have been especially produced for the garment. We do have a matching service for $5.95. Please email us:

Can I return sequins?
Our return policy is 30 days.

Items are returnable if they are in original condition, however, orders placed using a promo code, discount, or any custom orders are final sale and are not returnable. Please see the return page for more information. Or contact us at

Our sequins are not intended for use for children under the age of 14.